Bad Hair Day

We all know them, we’ve all had them. A bad hair day can be a serious moodkiller, so when I got up this morning and realized that my hair just didn’t feel like looking anywhere near decent today, I tried to find some solutions. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share them with you?! Here’s my journey of “trial and error”. Enjoy!

We kennen het allemaal, hebben er allemaal al wel eens mee te maken gehad. Een bad hair day kan echt je dag verpesten. Toen ik vanmorgen opstond en merkte dat mijn haar er echt geen zin in had vandaag, begon ik een lange zoektocht naar oplossingen. En hey, wat voor blogger zou ik zijn als ik dit niet met jullie deelde ? Hier zijn mijn “herstel-je-bad-hair-day”-probeersels. 


foto 8


This is what my hair looked like… Frizzy, half curly and ..well… exploded.

Zo zag mijn haar er aan het begin uit … Pluizig, half gekruld en .. wel… ontploft.



Attempt Numero Uno! Ponytail on top of my head…

Poging 1! Een paardenstaart OP mijn hoofd…


foto 2

Nah.. better not 😉

Hmmm… toch maar niet 😉

foto 9

The typical top knot ! Not bad, If I may say so myself 😉

Mijn typische dotje! 😀 niet slecht, al zeg ik het zelf 😉

foto 6

In my head, pigtails sounded like a good idea.. In real life, I look like a teenage porn star… not the look I was aiming for.

In mijn hoofd leek twee staartjes maken een goed plan. In realiteit zie ik eruit als een kleuter of goedkope pornoster… niet de look die ik in gedachten had.

Foto 5

Why is it that a headband like this looks SO amazing on everyone other than myself?

Waarom ziet zo’n haarbandje er altijd geweldig uit bij iedereen behalve mezelf? 

foto 7


This was nice… but the bow kept falling out of my hair.

Dit was leuk, maar het strikje bleef niet goed zitten.


This is probably my absolute favourite!!!  I’ve always liked hats, they’re just very stylish, and as long as you pick the right hat, everyone can pull them off 😉

Dit is waarschijnlijk mijn absolute favoriet!! Ik heb hoedjes altijd al leuk gevonden. Ze zijn gewoon heel erg stylish en zolang je het juiste model kiest, komt iedereen ermee weg ;).


And if everything else fails… just put your hair up in a ponytail. Always nice and sophisticated! 😀

En als echt niets werkt… maak je toch gewoon een paardenstaart. Altijd mooi en verzorgd! 😀




Sad story with a very happy end

When someone asks you “How are you”. You’ll never say “horrible, I’m actually feeling like shit, but thanks for asking”. No, we always come up with the same scripted “fine, how about you?” I wonder why that is. Do we not want them to think we can’t handle things? Or is it just a “I don’t want to bother anyone else with my problems” kind of thing? Either way… sometimes, you just can’t hide you’re not feeling your best. i’m sure we’ve all been in this situation where you feel very bad, and you keep fighting your tears and emotions, but the second someone looks you in the eye and asks “are you okay?”… you just lose it.

The past few years, I have “lost” it about a million times. What exactly has caused this bad period of my life?… I honestly don’t know. I do know that whatever it was resulted in me not being “me”. At all. It affected me in everything I did. There were days were I wouldn’t leave my bed, times where I wouldn’t leave the house for a week and moments where I just burst out into tears in public and wouldn’t stop crying for an hour. During those four years i’ve lost weight, gained weight, then lost it again, gained it again… I’ve been a bigger jojo’er than any celebrity out there. And then I haven’t even mentioned the panic attacks yet. Those little devils always came up when I was finally having a good day. Panic Attacks are hard to understand if you’ve never had them yourself. (And hey, I do understand it’s weird to see someone freak out for no obvious reason, but don’t be a jerk and make fun of them. They’re going through the most horrible 20 minutes of their lives and someone mocking them isn’t going to make them feel any better. Trust me, I know.)

About a month ago, some things happened that made me crash completely. First, I just felt absolutely numb inside, I couldn’t feel a thing. After that phase… I just collapsed. I picked up old, very bad habits and had three (!) Panic Attacks that week. but then, after having the biggest panic attack i’ve had in years, all alone in a hotel room, 200 kilometers away from my comfort zone, i’d decided enough was enough. It was like I could suddenly see everything so much more clear. I realized nothing and nobody is worth ruining myself. And just like that, I started to feel better. Not only about what happened earlier that month, but about everything that had happened during that shitty time of my life. It was like the very dark clouds in my head just drifted away, and slowly but surely, the sun is coming out. For the first time in forever, I’ve been feeling like myself again. The old, real me is finally back and trust me, “Old, Real Evi” is much more fun than the person i’ve been lately. Obviously, there are still some bumps in the road that I call my life, but I’ve decided not to let them get to me that much anymore.  There have been times where I felt so lonely, like I had lost anyone who meant anything to me. Now I realize, that wasn’t true. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and family, even when I shut them out, didn’t let them get close to me… they were always there for me.  Things like the recent Ukraine plane crash make me realize that life is way too short to be anything but happy. That may be a very cliché thing to say, but it couldn’t be more true.

Life can get hard sometimes. it WILL get hard sometimes, but don’t let anything or anyone stop you from chasing your dreams and don’t push away the people who love you. Know that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something, you are NOT alone, no matter huw much you’ll feel like you are, you’re not. Never ever stop believing it will get better, because I promise you, it will. 




Oui, Bien Sûr!

Nothing screams Parisienne more than some good old horizontal stripes. I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for stripes. When you ask my friends, I’m pretty sure they’ll describe me as “the tall one with the striped jumper”. Lucky for me, stripes are totally back (even though they were never really gone)! I’ve taken a little look on the “interwebs” where I found some amazing looks containing striped items. I’m feeling quite generous today so I thought I’d share them with you guys 😉 Enjoy!

Niets zegt meer “Parisienne” dan een mooie collectie horizontale strepen. Ik heb altijd al iets voor streepjes gehad. Als je het aan mijn vrienden vraagt ben ik er vrij zeker van dat ze me zullen beschrijven als “die grote met haar gestreepte trui”. Gelukkig voor mij zijn strepen weer helemaal terug van nooit weggeweest! Ik nam een kijkje op het wereld wijde web en vond daar enkele leuke outfits met gestreepte items. Uiteraard kon ik jullie deze niet onthouden 😉 Enjoy!

Not really diggin’ the shoes, but I adore that dress (and her tan, I’m jealous)!

Geen fan van de schoenen, maar wat een leuk jurkje (en wat een mooi bruin kleurtje heeft ze zeg)!

I do wonder why she’s not wearing any pants, but apart from that, this is a look I would totally wear. I now HAVE to find a beanie in that colour!

Ik moet toegeven dat ik me afvraag waarom ze geen broek draagt, maar afgezien daarvan is dit een look die ik absoluut zou dragen. Ik MOET nu echt een beanie in die kleur vinden.

The hat’s just fabulous!

De hoed is gewoon prachtig!

Effortlessly stylish

Stylish zonder “te hard te proberen”

You may notice that I really like the effortless look 🙂 (even though this girl would probably still look good wearing nothing but a garbage bag).

Het zal je misschien opvallen dat ik de “effortless” look erg leuk vind 😉 (ookal ziet dit meisje er waarschijnlijk zelfs in een vuilniszak goed uit).

The shirt! The boots! The belt! The Bag!

Het shirt! De laarsjes! De riem! De tas!

Combining her stripes with another classic, the Trenchcoat. I Like!

Zij combineert haar gestreepte trui met die andere classic, de Trenchcoat. Vind ik leuk!

Ripped jeans, aviators and a boho-clutch…

Met “ripped” jeans, Ray-ban Aviatorzonnenbril en leuke boho-clutch…

Very Casual, Very nice!

Erg casual, erg leuk!